Street & Stream Cleanup 2020 - SATURDAY MAY 16TH

Join us on Saturday, May 16th at 9:00 AM for our 16th Annual Street & Stream Cleanup event. This event is part of a coordinated regional effort to clean up local waterways and reduce polluted stormwater runoff. Children and adults, local organizations, groups, and individuals interested in helping protect Orono's water resources will meet at the town office at 9:00 AM for a brief educational talk about stormwater runoff and how it affects the streams and local environment as well as an important safety briefing. After the talk, volunteers head out into the community to clean up the trash and debris that could impact the streams.

Volunteers will be provided with gloves and safety vests to wear during the event and a thank you gift of a free t-shirt or reusable shopping bag.

After cleanup activities, a free barbecue luncheon will be provided. 

To get started, please download and fill out our Release Form.

For more information or to sign your group up to participate, please email Belle Ryder or call the Town Office at  207-866-2556.

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